OMG Raise The Minimum Wage (Parody)


The minimum wage is a pet issue of mine.

It goes back to when I was a teenager. I was 15 and I had a bit of trouble finding my first job with a real paycheck because of the classic “how can I gain experience if no one will hire me because I have no experience?” problem. But luckily I found a job at a pizza place for $5.15 an hour where my duties included cleaning toilets and mopping the floor.

Every time someone talks about raising the minimum wage, I cringe because I know that it will prevent the unskilled and uneducated from getting a job.

But unfortunately, many people have never heard the reasonable arguments against raising the minimum wage. You must be a cruel person if you oppose raising the minimum wage, right?


I took a sociology class (not very friendly to liberty!) my freshman year of college. At the beginning of every class, the professor would call up a row of students and ask them their opinion on current events. I suppose this worked because students actually paid attention to current events so they wouldn’t look like a fool in front of the whole class.

Anyways, the professor decided to ask about raising the minimum wage. I stood up there with about 10 students. All of the other students before me said, “Absolutely!” “We need to help the poor!” “People deserve to be paid more!”

I’m standing there twirling my thumbs thinking, “hmmm… should I take the easy way out and just say yay minimum wage? Or should I tell the truth and have everyone in this class think I’m horrible?”

I chose to tell the truth and said that I oppose the minimum wage because it would increase unemployment. The faces. Oh, the faces. People looked at me like I was the worst person in the world. I did a “walk of shame” back to my desk and laid low the rest of the class.

The professor asked to see me after class. “Crud. I’m in trouble” I thought. To my surprise, the super liberal professor thanked me for my position and told me that it took guts to say that in front of a mostly hostile crowd. He encouraged me to continue sharing my views even if they were unpopular.

Now I just share those opinions on YouTube…

(Yup, it’s a parody. I’m pretending to be one of those students back in my sociology class days in the beginning.)




Why You Should Oppose The Death Penalty


I used to support the death penalty. Hardcore. If you told high school me that I would one day oppose it… I wouldn’t believe you. I thought only liberals opposed the death penalty. Well, I changed my mind. I learned about the costs and the government incompetence. Not to mention the morality issues. I believe that this is the last policy position that I changed my mind on about five years ago.

As expected, the video has mixed reviews. Many disagree with me. That’s fine. I like that non-libertarians watch my videos and hey, we aren’t always going to agree on everything.

Feminism & Libertarianism: Are They Compatible? Ft. Julie Borowski

Austin Petersen of the Libertarian Republic asked me to be on his podcast today to talk about feminism, libertarianism, privilege checking, and gender related issues. Austin and me worked together for a little while at FreedomWorks.

ronpaulaustinmesmall(Ron Paul! Austin is the guy in the purple shirt.)

Austin and me didn’t always agree on feminist related issues. I actually remember having a few debates with him on gender at work. (See all this insider info you get from this blog…) We worked in separate offices and he would come over and basically tell me I was wrong ;)

It’s cool to see him come around. I knew that he would! I’m honored that he invited me on his podcast.

You can listen to the podcast here:

(Sorry about all the background noise and people yelling. I wish I had a quiet place to go!)

I’ll Be Moderating a Panel at ISFLC



The 2014 International Students for Liberty Conference is about a month away! Register here.

This will be my 5th ISFLC (oh my…) and I highly recommend going if you are a young-ish libertarian person (you don’t have to be a student). I believe they are expecting over 1,000 people! And there are some really great speakers. Click here to see the speaker list.

Young Americans for Liberty asked me to moderate a panel on new media! I’ve never moderated a panel before so this will be a first but I’m excited. The official title: Likes, Views, and Shares: How New Media is Effecting Policy and Philosophy. The panelists are Katie Harbath, Remy, Benny Johnson. I don’t want to give out time/day just in case it changes, but they should be releasing a final schedule soon.

I’ll probably be at the FreedomWorks booth much of the time. We had shirts last year and they were a big hit.

Also, after parties.

If that’s what you’re into.

Here’s one of the parties:
ImageI’ll be the weird kid in the corner.

Hope to see you at ISFLC! It’s going to be a good time.

Libertarian Debate on Class/Privilege vs. Individualism


, ,

Hey everyone!

The Foundation for Economic Education (FEE) hosts a monthly online debate feature on issues of concern to classical liberals/libertarians. 

This month, the issue is privilege. Cathy Reisenwitz argues that libertarians should be more concerned about issues of class and privilege and I argue that libertarians should stay focused on individual rights.

Read both perspectives and vote for the argument that you like best here



My Interview with THE Tony Stiles

I was on the Tony Stiles show last night.

This is Tony:


He has a cool ‘do and is super smooth. And I’m awkward and laugh too much.

He had a pretty last minute cancellation and contacted me to be on show that day. I finally agreed. He texted me 5 minutes before the show asking me what topics I wanted to cover. I said, “liberty and stuff.”

That’s kind of how the interview went.

Tony talked about all the marriage proposals he gets from the ladies ™. Then he asked me if Jesus Christ would vote. And I’m like, I have absolutely no idea how to answer this question. I shouldn’t even try.

Click here to listen to the interview.

My Interview on the Tom Woods Show

I was lucky enough to be interviewed on the Tom Woods show!

I got my copy of Meltdown signed by Tom Woods at CPAC 2010. But we didn’t officially met until Liberty Forum in New Hampshire in February 2013.


I was surprised when I got a message from him asking me to be on his show (what? me? the girl who does goofy YouTube videos?)

We spoke about many different topics. How I became a libertarian, how I got started on YouTube, my recent videos, common misconceptions about libertarians, etc.

If you want to listen:


Extending Unemployment Benefits Won’t Solve Unemployment


In case you didn’t know, I have a pretty regular column at This week’s topic is extending unemployment benefits. This doesn’t address the real problem: unemployment! How about Congress actually focus on jobs instead– aka cutting regulations and taxes to allow entrepreneurs to do their thing?

Check it out:

I’m back!

I haven’t updated this blog lately (errr, since August 2013). 

Well, I’m back!

I was recently asked if I had a website and I said no. I forgot all about you, wordpress. I will try better. I’ve been up to a lot lately so I’m going to update this blog more often. 

Thanks for following. 


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