Announcing a New Video Series: “Real Talk with Julie Borowski”



I’m excited to announce a new video series called “Real Talk with Julie Borowski.” It’s going to get real. Are you prepared?

As many of you probably know, I work for FreedomWorks. I started working there in January 2010. Before I ever started making YouTube videos. I started my personal YouTube channel in 2011 during the Ron Paul campaign. I’ve always created these videos in my free time outside of my day job.

So no worries. I’ll continue making videos on my personal YouTube channel whenever I have time on weekends just like I do now.

Real Talk with Julie Borowski will be a once a week video series on the FreedomWorks YouTube channel. Hopefully, fun and informative videos.

This is the first video in the series. An ad for ObamaCare.

So, basically. Expect more videos from me. I’m excited about that because I really like making videos.


I wanted to make a video on libertarian infighting. I thought I’d make it more interesting by impersonating some well known libertarians.

My impersonations are pretty bad but I had a lot of fun making it. It was a little risky because I didn’t want anyone to take offense or think I represented them in a bad light. It was all supposed to be in good fun! No disrespect intended.  I grew up watching All That and Saturday Night Live and I’ve always loved to act out skits. Sometimes it’s difficult to tell how people are going to react until the video goes out in the Internet world.

One of my impersonations is Jeffrey Tucker. I like how he gets really excited about things that other people find mundane. I tried to use an extreme example of him getting thrilled about the “beautiful anarchy” of breakfast cereal. And guess what? He watched the video and made a post about “The Anarchism of Milk and Cereal.”

“She thought it was a caricature but it was reality.”

Haha. So cool.

My Interview with the Daily Caller

Please check out my interview with the Daily Caller. I was lucky enough to be interviewed by Ginni Thomas for her regular column. We spoke about a lot of different things! The edited interview is about 20 minutes long. We spoke about ObamaCare, the Federal Reserve, foreign policy, national debt, my videos, etc. etc.

Part I:

Part II:


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