Announcing a New Video Series: “Real Talk with Julie Borowski”



I’m excited to announce a new video series called “Real Talk with Julie Borowski.” It’s going to get real. Are you prepared?

As many of you probably know, I work for FreedomWorks. I started working there in January 2010. Before I ever started making YouTube videos. I started my personal YouTube channel in 2011 during the Ron Paul campaign. I’ve always created these videos in my free time outside of my day job.

So no worries. I’ll continue making videos on my personal YouTube channel whenever I have time on weekends just like I do now.

Real Talk with Julie Borowski will be a once a week video series on the FreedomWorks YouTube channel. Hopefully, fun and informative videos.

This is the first video in the series. An ad for ObamaCare.

So, basically. Expect more videos from me. I’m excited about that because I really like making videos.


I wanted to make a video on libertarian infighting. I thought I’d make it more interesting by impersonating some well known libertarians.

My impersonations are pretty bad but I had a lot of fun making it. It was a little risky because I didn’t want anyone to take offense or think I represented them in a bad light. It was all supposed to be in good fun! No disrespect intended.  I grew up watching All That and Saturday Night Live and I’ve always loved to act out skits. Sometimes it’s difficult to tell how people are going to react until the video goes out in the Internet world.

One of my impersonations is Jeffrey Tucker. I like how he gets really excited about things that other people find mundane. I tried to use an extreme example of him getting thrilled about the “beautiful anarchy” of breakfast cereal. And guess what? He watched the video and made a post about “The Anarchism of Milk and Cereal.”

“She thought it was a caricature but it was reality.”

Haha. So cool.

My Interview with the Daily Caller

Please check out my interview with the Daily Caller. I was lucky enough to be interviewed by Ginni Thomas for her regular column. We spoke about a lot of different things! The edited interview is about 20 minutes long. We spoke about ObamaCare, the Federal Reserve, foreign policy, national debt, my videos, etc. etc.

Part I:

Part II:

First, They Came for the Pit Bulls…


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My favorite thing in the entire world is dogs. That’s why I deeply care about stopping Breed Specific Legislation (BSL). BSL restricts or bans certain types or breeds of dogs, most often pit bulls. I’ve been following the issue for quite a while but I haven’t seen it talked about within libertarian circles. So, I decided to make a video to hopefully spread awareness.

(Here’s a link to adopt Leah– the girl at the end of video:

I was thrilled to see comments from people who were not previously aware of BSL. It’s a liberty issue and a great way to reach animal lovers. There is already an active community against BSL. These people don’t like the government telling them what kind of dog they can or cannot have.

The argument against BSL is very similar to the argument against gun control. Pit bulls are the AR-15s of the dog world. They look scary! People want to ban them! But BSL (and gun control) only hurts the good guys and helps the bad guys. The good guys are the responsible dog owners who properly train dogs and the bad guys are the thugs who train dogs to be aggressive fighters. What happens when you make pit bulls illegal? You only make them more desirable and profitable to criminals and sketchy breeders.

If you ban pit bulls, only criminals will have pit bulls… 

It breaks my heart to hear that innocent dogs are being taken away from their loving owners and euthanized. Can you imagine animal control officers coming into your house and stealing your dog because he or she is the wrong breed? There are cases of animal control officers climbing over backyard fences to nab pit bulls because of BSL.

Other people hide their dogs in their house and live in fear that animal control officers will knock on their door and kill their innocent family pet. There are leaked photos from a Denver animal shelter of pit bulls killed due to the ban (WARNING: VERY GRAPHIC CONTENT.) Some dogs are killed because they are misidentified as pit bulls by government officials– it’s sometimes hard to tell especially with mixed breeds.

Try this “pick the pit” quiz.

Before making the video, I asked on my social networks if people could please send me pictures of their pit bulls with an anti-BSL message. I was overwhelmed with the response. Almost 100 photos! Thank you!

I decided to split the video in two so more dogs could be featured. Here’s the second video with more dog photos!

Will you help me spread awareness?

Learn more here:

Stop BSL:

Love a Bull:

American Humane Association:


Also adopt, don’t shop! 

Pit Bull Rescue Center:

OMG Raise The Minimum Wage (Parody)


The minimum wage is a pet issue of mine.

It goes back to when I was a teenager. I was 15 and I had a bit of trouble finding my first job with a real paycheck because of the classic “how can I gain experience if no one will hire me because I have no experience?” problem. But luckily I found a job at a pizza place for $5.15 an hour where my duties included cleaning toilets and mopping the floor.

Every time someone talks about raising the minimum wage, I cringe because I know that it will prevent the unskilled and uneducated from getting a job.

But unfortunately, many people have never heard the reasonable arguments against raising the minimum wage. You must be a cruel person if you oppose raising the minimum wage, right?


I took a sociology class (not very friendly to liberty!) my freshman year of college. At the beginning of every class, the professor would call up a row of students and ask them their opinion on current events. I suppose this worked because students actually paid attention to current events so they wouldn’t look like a fool in front of the whole class.

Anyways, the professor decided to ask about raising the minimum wage. I stood up there with about 10 students. All of the other students before me said, “Absolutely!” “We need to help the poor!” “People deserve to be paid more!”

I’m standing there twirling my thumbs thinking, “hmmm… should I take the easy way out and just say yay minimum wage? Or should I tell the truth and have everyone in this class think I’m horrible?”

I chose to tell the truth and said that I oppose the minimum wage because it would increase unemployment. The faces. Oh, the faces. People looked at me like I was the worst person in the world. I did a “walk of shame” back to my desk and laid low the rest of the class.

The professor asked to see me after class. “Crud. I’m in trouble” I thought. To my surprise, the super liberal professor thanked me for my position and told me that it took guts to say that in front of a mostly hostile crowd. He encouraged me to continue sharing my views even if they were unpopular.

Now I just share those opinions on YouTube…

(Yup, it’s a parody. I’m pretending to be one of those students back in my sociology class days in the beginning.)




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