Originally posted on July 15, 2010 on FreedomWorks website.

Last January, Obama called for immediate action to pass his massive $787 billion “stimulus” plan that would supposedly create 4.1 million jobs. This week, the White House released a misleading report using the discredited Keynesian spending “multiplier” to claim that the “stimulus” had already “created or saved” between 2.5 million and 3.6 million jobs. Despite concrete evidence to the contrary, the Obama administration alleges that the “stimulus” has worked even “better than expected.” Since the unemployment remains at nearly 10 percent while the “stimulus” was expected to keep unemployment below 8 percent: how exactly is that better than expected?

Today, Obama will travel to Holland, Michigan in a desperate public relations attempt to sell the flawed “stimulus” policy. He will be attending a ribbon cutting ceremony for a new battery factory that received $151 million in “stimulus” funds. White House communication director Dan Pfeiffer criticizedthe loud opposition to the so-called “recovery act”:

None of this would have been possible without the Recovery Act. If they had their way we would not be breaking ground. These industries would not be created here.

Undeniably, Michigan has the one of the highest unemployment rates in the nation partially due to its high tax burden. The White House has proudly stated that this tax-funded battery factory will employ300 people in the state. Since the factory was subsidized by $151 million in “stimulus” funds, taxpayers will be forced to pay $500,000 to supposedly “create” one single job. It’s no wonder that a new CBS poll reveals that 79 percent of Americans believe that the stimulus has hurt or had no effect on the economy.

Perhaps these influential polls on public opinion are part of the reason that the Obama administration has stepped up their propaganda efforts within recent weeks. A few weeks ago in Wisconsin, Obamaasserted that the unemployment rate may have went up to “12 or 13, or 15” percent without the “stimulus” spending. We’ve heard this all before. Frankly, Americans should be tired of hearing these hypothetical “what would have happened” scenarios based on imagination. Instead, let’s look at the hard facts on what actually did happen. The American people were told that if the “stimulus” did not pass, the unemployment rate would reach double digits. Despite this claim, in October 2009, the unemployment rate skyrocketed to double digits with the “stimulus” enacted and has remained at approximately 10 percent ever since.

It is doubtful that the propaganda filled Obama economic stimulus tour will change hearts and minds. With 2.6 million jobs lost since the “stimulus” was enacted, the American people are more inclined to trust their own eyes rather than falsified White House statistics. While Obama continues to jet set around the nation selling his “stimulus”, the millions of unemployed Americans know the true damage that the “stimulus” has created.