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I received an email from Gary Johnson’s campaign this morning. Looks like he may be ditching the GOP.

Now, Johnson is considering making a run for president on the Libertarian Party ticket... To date in this campaign, voters haven’t been able to hear enough of Gary Johnson’s positions to decide what they think of his views. By running as a Libertarian, perhaps the former governor could gain, if not support, at least a wider airing of his positions.”


I agree that the Republican Party hasn’t been fair to former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson. I have mentioned on Twitter, Facebook and my YouTube channel that Gary Johnson should be included in all of the GOP debates.  I don’t agree with Gary Johnson on every single issue (there’s never been a perfect candidate), but he has long been my second choice for president. I wish he would reconsider his support for the Fair Tax, some humanitarian wars, and Guantanamo Bay torture facility. Even though he has shortcomings in my opinion, I’ll gladly support Gary Johnson over a Perry, Gingrich or Romney any day.  Heck, the man vetoed more bills than the other 49 governors combined and has brought much-needed attention to the failure of the War on Drugs.

My intention is not to offend the Libertarian Party (LP).  But like it or not, we live in a two party system. Strict ballot access laws (repeal them!) make it difficult for third party candidates to even get on the ballot in most states.  No Libertarian Party candidate has ever come anywhere remotely close to winning a presidential election.  A typical Libertarian Party presidential candidate can expect to get maybe 1 percent of the vote. I doubt a LP candidate actually thinks, “Oh yeah, I’m going to be the next president!”

It may be tempting but Gary Johnson shouldn’t run as a Libertarian to spite the GOP. He should instead run for the OPEN Senate seat in New Mexico. With the retirement of Sen. Jeff Bingaman, he wouldn’t be running against an incumbent. While Gary Johnson still has very low name recognition nationwide, he has high name recognition in the state where he spent eight years as governor from 1995 to 2003. And guess what? He could actually win. Public Policy Polling found that Gary Johnson is well-liked in his home state with a favorability of 44/32 (Ron Paul was not included in the poll).

“We’ve done polls in Massachusetts and Minnesota over the last couple weeks and found that Mitt Romney, Tim Pawlenty, and Michele Bachmann are all unpopular in their home states. That’s par for the course with this GOP Presidential field- we’ve polled on 9 of the candidates or potential candidates in their home states and only one of them is well liked- Gary Johnson in New Mexico.”

Think about it Gary. We need more people like you in the Senate.