Lately, there has been more and more political public figures saying that they are moving in a more libertarian direction. See: Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin. Glenn Beck says that he is now anti-Patriot Act and trying to correct his mistakes. The way I see it: “Oh, a super influential person with a HUGE audience publicly took a pro-liberty stance?” GOOD. I’m far more interested in ideas than I am about personalities.

“Are they sincere?” I have no idea. I don’t know these people. Maybe, maybe not. Time will tell. But they are introducing the ideas of liberty to a larger audience than anyone I know. Glenn Beck radio gets about 10 million listeners a week and he has built up a trust with his audience. They are more likely to listen to him than someone they have never heard of. For instance, the crowd at the IRS rally (full of loyal Beck listeners) cheered when Glenn Beck took a stance against U.S. involvement in Syria today.

I don’t know about y’all but I wasn’t born a libertarian. I’ve taken some embarrassing and flat out wrong policy positions in my past. Flip flopping is good when someone goes from the wrong position to the right one. Doesn’t matter so much about WHEN people take pro-liberty stances, as long as they do. Now if all these newly declared libertarian pundits revert back to old ways under a Republican president…I’ll be first in line to criticize.